Webcast of Deep Brain Stimulation Procedure for Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

            Deep brain stimulation is a highly effective treatment for Parkinson's disease recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for all of the disease's movement symptoms. The treatment can relieve tremor, slowness of movement, and rigidity. Neurosurgeons implant a "pacemaker" that provides mild electrical stimulation to the brain. The electrical stimulation blocks signals that cause the movement symptoms.

Viewers can see the new surgical treatment in an internet broadcast anytime by clicking the "View On-demand Broadcast" button on this page. This is the same program that occurred in a live presentation from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center on April 24, 2002.

Dr. Stephen Tatter, M.D., a neurosurgeon at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, performed the innovative procedure. Dr. Tatter has implanted more than 100 of the pacemaker devices. Deep brain stimulation is primarily for patients who no longer get symptom relief from medications, or who cannot tolerate the side effects of medications.

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This program funded, in part, by an educational grant from Medtronic, Inc.

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